Obtaining Visas

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Prospective SPIRE 2011 attendees who are unsure about what it takes to be allowed entrance into Italy are invited to check with the local authorities of their country, or with the Italian Embassy in their country; the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also contains information on this. Should an attendee need a letter for supporting her/his visa application, please contact the SPIRE 2011 General Chair.

However, please note that the SPIRE 2011 organizers will send letters for supporting visa applications only to people whose registration fee has already been received in the SPIRE 2011 bank account; unless this is your case, please do not even try to ask for such a letter. This strict policy is due to the fact that every conference organizer obtains dozens of such requests from people who have, in all evidence, no interest whatsoever in attending the conference, and whose only purpose is to enter the country where the conference takes place.

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