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Very few places in the world can boast an artistic legacy with contents so deeply rooted in the territory and popular culture as Tuscany. Pisa and its monuments are surrounded by wonderful cities of art, like Firenze, Lucca and Siena. And not far from the world-famous Leaning Tower, you can find long sand beaches stretching for miles, from Tirrenia, very close to Pisa, up to the famous Versilia area. This famous coastline is framed by the superb arch of the Apuan Alps. Take an emotional and colourful trip into the Tuscan mountains, there are hundreds of things to do.

Feeling well. Feeling fit, in harmony with yourself. Spas of Tuscany is a full immersion, a voyage within yourself to recover your lost well-being. In the area of Pisa you can find several thermal centers. Also, the Wine Trails of Tuscany run through magnificent wine-growing areas which, apart from the obvious vineyards and wineries, offer an integrated tourist package of cultural, historical and natural attractions. These trails are a means of fostering rural development and of promoting so-called “Enotourism”, that is, setting wine production in a cultural, environmental, historical and social context.

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